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News & Announcements

The new Company Website is now Online!


Welcome to LJ'S HORSE WORKOUT'S new Business website! We have updated some Information and have added several new features to assist current and potential customers in finding the information they need. Please be patient as not all features are 100% functional as of yet, however we are working on it and should have everything working in the coming weeks.

LJ Helps Perth Police Roundup 9 Escaped Horses on Perth Road!


Returning from a trip to Ottawa LJ spotted Perth police officers having a difficult time trying to round up 9 horses which had escaped from a nearby pasture and were moving dangerously close to the road. LJ stopped and assisted the officers in returning the horses to the safety of the fenced pasture and was commended by both the horses owners (who arrived shortly after the incident had concluded) as well as by the police officers. As a result of his actions LJ has been placed on Perth's Good Samaritan List!