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Who We Are?

LJ's Horse Workout is a horse conditioning, rehabilitating and overall horse betterment program. The program/sessions help to strengthen core muscles and improve balance and flexibility, leading to a dramatic improvement in the horses' performance and overall quality of life.

LJ's Horse Workout is owned and operated by LJ Milosevic. LJ is equipped with over 2 decades of ground training experience during which he has developed a unique combination of skills which enable him to zero in on the core source of problems in injured or troubled horses. LJ strongly supports and encourages muscle conditioning and rehabilitation for animals.

Prior to establishing himself within the horse community, LJ had been training dogs for over 10 years. LJ graduated from the College of Veterinary Studies in Leskovac, Serbia, upon which he served 2 years in the army where he became a certified dog trainer.

During the last 15 years, LJ has also been involved in equestrian property and barn management where he has proved himself extremely successful.

"When it comes to equine exercise and rehabilitation, just as with human exercise and rehabilitation, a one size fits all approach is not ideal."

Equine treatment interventions need to be matched to the learning styles and abilities of individual horses (a one size fits all approach is not ideal). There has been a general agreement in the horse community that treatment programs designed to alter horses’ attitudes and behaviour solely through the process of rider based training have not been particularly effective. A great number of people have contributed this lack of success to a particular horse’s inadequate compatibility with the calibre of the rider. However, it is my opinion that a large number of these "branded difficult" horses can improve significantly with proper training, both with the rider and coach and through a regimented and individualized ground training program. The workout should be customized to help build muscle, balance, and/or flexibility, depending on the horse’s needs. In order for the whole process to be effective, both coach, rider and ground trainer must work together to selectively and on a horse by horse basis figure out the appropriate schedule and exercise for each horse.

The benefits of a composite program will be a noticeable and sizable betterment in the horse’s performance and overall health. Such a program, although beneficial, will not solve all problems of horse/rider compatibility, however the enhanced performance and improved health of the horse will likely translate into a higher selling price should that be determined the best option by the owner and coach.

For some of the horse community, especially those involved in frequent showing, medication and temporary fixes may be part of a life pattern and they may find no significant consequence from using them. If you ask me our equine friends deserve the opportunity to recover from being "drug sick" and regain their natural health. A regimented workout program may offer just that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a happy, fit, drug free, eye-catching animal with defined muscle promising optimal future performance?

A long standing challenge to this program has been to ensure continuity: basically, the completion of the intensive workout program requests a weekly routine of similar exercise.

Program Benefits:

- Top line conditioning

- Restoration of balance

- Improving flexibility

- Building muscle